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Market to Dentists: eNewsletters that Actually Work

Objectively Measure Your Success

Keith Rossein, DDS

Are you looking for a powerful marketing tool that is low cost and takes very little effort?

Would you like to receive more income from your existing dentists?

Would you like more referred dentists as customers?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then focus on what you're about to read.

Monthly newsletters help develop customer loyalty and long-term relationships by building trust and confidence in your dental lab. Mailed direct-response, printed newsletters are not new. While the concept is great, their cost and effort override their potential good. In fact, for most dental labs, sending a four-color newsletter more often than biannual or quarterly is cost-prohibitive. On top of the cost, how do you know who reads it.

The dental lab business has changed. While most of your customers are from the local region, it is no longer uncommon for a dentist to mail a case anywhere in the country to get the kind or craftsmanship they desire. Dentists are looking for quality at a fair price, excellent service with open lines of communication.

What are the proven factors in any good marketing program? Regularity and consistency are critical. You must constantly remind people of whom you are, even your own customers. Sending material quarterly or semi-annually just doesn't cut it. Stay in front of your customer often, but don't be overbearing. Use full-color and exciting images. Track and quantify your success or failure to see if the program is cost-effective or worthwhile. Income generated from a marketing program should pay for that marketing program.

What's the problem then?

Dentists, like most people, are overworked and over-bombarded with mail and promotional materials. Go into any dental office and look on the doctor's desk. You will see a large pile of advertisements, free magazines, newsletters, communications [some unopened], etc. It's not an exaggeration to say that often these items lie there for months. There was a time where you could visit the office and spend some time with the dentist or even spend lunchtime together. Those days are far and few between.

Why is this so common? Dentists work long days, go home to be with their families and by 10 o'clock at night are either exhausted and falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV, or they are just starting to chill and looking for some peace and quiet time.

We have the solution - You can send your own Internet based eNewsletter to your dentist customers and potential customers and get amazing results.

We will design the banner head and format for your eNewsletter. If you have a web site, we will use that look as a guide. All web sites are static in the sense that you are relying on people to make a conscious decision to look for your site. The eNewsletter is proactive. It is sent to customers and potential customers. It is addressed to people by their own name. There will be a link that, with one click, will bring the reader to your web site. Every month your professional, full-color eNewsletter will be sent with informative articles and attractive images. It's powerful repetitive marketing. There's nothing else more timesaving that can let people know what products and services you provide and how to address their concerns.

Use your eNewsletter to show off some of your cases, to let your dentists know about new restorative materials and/or to publicize CE programs you are sponsoring or supporting.

Our system software allows you to group people into an unlimited number of groups. You may choose to have groups called "Customers," "Potential customers," "General Dentists," "Periodontists." "Oral Surgeons," "Prosthodontists," "CE Registrants," etc. You can send an eNewsletter to your entire database, one person, one group or several groups. This allows you to target people who have similar preferences or needs and wants. If a person appears in more than one group, and you send to your entire database, they will still receive only one eNewsletter.

Marketing with your own eNewsletter is a growing process. Don't expect dental offices to knock down your doors seeking your services after one issue. At first internal marketing will have a greater impact than external marketing. Regularity and consistency will breed informed customers, which are the best and most loyal customers. Our eNewsletters have a "one-click" navigation link that allows the reader to "Send this to a Friend." All they do is type the friend's name and e-mail address into a text box and that newsletter is automatically sent to the friend with all the graphics and navigation links. The good news is the friend's name and e-mail address [not necessarily a current customer] are captured and automatically placed in your database under a group called "Referred." They will receive all future newsletters unless they "opt out" as anyone can do. You can even run a contest to see which dentist sends the newsletter to the most other dentists. Our software will track that for you.

All our clients also receive a "Custom Response" eNewsletter. This allows you to type any custom message into a text box and upload graphics from our image library or even from your own computer. When the communication is received, it will have the same design look and banner head as your monthly eNewsletter. This feature can be a great marketing tool and help strengthen customer loyalty and long-term relationships. You can send holiday greetings each month as a nice way of keeping your name in front of your customers.

Now comes the exciting part. You may be thinking, "How do I know if it works?" Our software generates tracking reports. First, it tells you when a person opens the eNewsletter [date and time of day]; then, because of navigation links built into the articles, you receive a report of what they have actually read [their preferences]. Think back to what you read a moment ago - dentists are too busy and/or too tired to read anything not directly related to patient treatment - that is until late at night or even in the wee hours of the morning. We see it all the time. Our software tells us when they are reading our eNewsletters. One of the reasons our enewsletters are so effective is that dentists are taking the time to read, enjoy and absorb the information on their own time without numerous distractions. And it's not unusual to have 30% or more readership.

You can stop right there if you like and just utilize the eNewsletter as a way of sending out information that you want your customers to have, or you can take the next step. Group all of the dentists who read the same article and, using the "Custom Response" target those individuals with a special promotion.

One thing I can say for sure, and we see it every time a new client sends their launch issue. Great excitement will be generated. A percentage of customers will respond with kind words and comments. It's up to you to keep the momentum going.

You may have some concerns.

By now you should be emotionally involved in the belief that having your own eNewsletter can be fun, effective and will stimulate growth. However, several practical questions and/or concerns may arise that will require answers before you make a final commitment to proceed.

You may be thinking, "It's too time consuming to follow up." I learned a long time ago that nothing in life is free and that no business venture or any project will be successful without some work and follow-up. Any marketing program you choose [even if it is not ours] will require some follow through. That's the basic nature of sales. The necessary time commitment to your own eNewsletter depends on you. How creative do you want to be? What are your marketing goals? Our software is remarkable and will provide you with many opportunities to communicate with people and to measure their response. It's your choice on how far you want to take it. Nothing is etched in stone. You may start slowly and expand the concept. Or you may embrace the idea and jump in headfirst. All past eNewsletters are saved in your system and can be sent or evaluated at any time.

"I can't get everyone's e-mail address." That's true. This won't be 100% effective. But show me something that will get a better return for such a low investment. If you haven't been collecting your dentist's email address, just have an employee spend several hours and call each office.

The one-time cost to get started - design a newsletter banner and custom response, set up your e-mail database and tracking software, and upload the image library and clinical article archives- is $1,995. The monthly hosting and eNewsletter cost is $200 per month. Once you have become a client, your monthly rate will never change. As new software is developed, it is made available to you at no charge. We ask that you sign an agreement that commits you to one year. Your credit card is automatically billed each month.

If you still have questions, would like to "pick my brain" or would like to see the concept demonstrated online, call me toll-free at 1.888.385.1535 [1.516.593.3806 out of the US].

Click here to receive more information; the agreement and credit card authorization will be e-mailed to you.

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